Why you should avoid home remedies for cleaning glasses: A look at the facts

From the first morning coffee to relaxing on the couch in the evening - your glasses are exposed to countless and also unconscious dirt every day. Grease, sweat, dust and fingerprints collect on the lenses, on the frame and in the gaps and can not only cloud your vision, but also soil the entire glasses. So it's understandable that you're looking for effective and easy ways to clean your glasses.

But can you actually use home remedies to clean glasses?

There are many recommendations, such as using warm water in combination with dish soap to clean glasses. Although the result is convincing at first glance, it harbors a high risk. The problem: commercial detergents often contain strong ingredients containing alcohol or acids. These make the detergent very effective for household cleaning, but very dangerous for everyday cleaning of glasses. Regular use can permanently damage the sensitive surface of your glasses and the coating of your lenses. 

There are also many other home remedies recommended on glasses cleaning forums and blogs: vinegar, toothpaste, baking soda, baking soda, lemon, shaving cream, and even denatured alcohol. But be careful, these home remedies are definitely not suitable for cleaning eyeglass lenses. They can attack, roughen and damage the delicate lenses, lens coatings and frames of your glasses. Even kitchen roll, paper handkerchiefs or tea towels should not be used to polish glasses as they are rough and can cause scratches with their abrasive fibers. The end result is "blind" glasses that can no longer be saved. 

The best option to clean your glasses is definitely to use special glasses cleaners and cleaning equipment. You can use classic glasses cleaning sprays and glasses cleaning cloths for quick to-go cleaning or you can get a special cleaning tool like the EYESHAKER to effectively clean not only the glasses, but the entire glasses. In this way you ensure that your glasses remain free of damage and finally shine in their full glory again.

After all, the most important thing is to maintain the quality of your glasses for as long and easily as possible. While home remedies may seem like an enticing and convenient fix, they do come with risks that will negatively impact the longevity of your glasses. We therefore strongly advise caution. It is better to use cleaning products that are recommended to you by opticians and that have been specially developed for cleaning glasses.

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