Why is it important to clean glasses regularly?

When you wear glasses, you know the feeling: you are outside on a sunny day and suddenly you notice that your vision is clouded by streaks and stains on your sunglasses. Or you're sitting at your desk trying to focus on your work, but you can't fully engage because your glasses are dirty and affecting your vision. Such situations are not only annoying, but can also affect your productivity and well-being.


Dirt, dust, sweat, cosmetics and skin oils can quickly accumulate on the lenses and frames of your glasses. This debris can affect your vision and even cause headaches or eye strain when you try to see through the dirty lenses. In addition, they can damage the surface of your lenses and shorten their lifespan.


But it's not just about vision or the condition of your glasses. Dirty glasses can also pose a health risk. Bacteria and viruses can thrive on the debris on your glasses and cause skin irritation or even eye infections if they come in contact with your eyes.


This is why regular and thorough cleaning of glasses is so important. It not only ensures a clear view and extends the life of your glasses, but also protects your health.


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