What cleaning products are safe for glasses?

Cleaning glasses is an art in itself. It's not just about getting the lenses sparkling clean, but also about protecting the glasses from possible damage. Therefore, choosing the right cleaning agent is crucial. But what cleaning products are safe for eyeglasses?


Imagine you are out and suddenly you notice that your glasses are dirty. You grab the nearest cloth and cleaning product you have on hand. But have you ever wondered if these cleaning products are safe for your glasses? The answer might surprise you.


Many everyday cleaning products, including dish soap and lens cleaners, contain harsh chemicals that can damage the anti-reflective coating on your lenses. They may be effective at removing dirt and grease, but can do more harm than good in the long run. Therefore, it is important to choose a cleaning product that is safe and gentle on your glasses.


This is where special glasses cleaning agents come into play. These products, such as cleaning sprays and wipes, are specifically designed to safely and effectively clean your glasses. They are gentle on lenses and frames and leave no harmful residue.


If you're looking for the ultimate solution for cleaning glasses, we've got just the thing for you: our Cleaning Tabs and Cleaning Kit. The cleaning tabs dissolve quickly in water and effectively remove dirt and oils without damaging the glasses. With each tab you can clean your glasses for up to 10 days. Our Cleaning Kit contains everything you need for a thorough and safe lens cleaning, including a special lens cleaning spray and THE GLOVE, a unique double-layer microfibre glove.


Choosing the right cleaning agent can mean the difference between glasses that are clear and clean and glasses that have been damaged by improper cleaning. With our special glasses cleaning products you can be sure that your glasses are always optimally cleaned without having to worry about possible damage.


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