Meet Martin & Andreas

Two brothers, with one mission: to improve the lives of you and your glasses.

We are a true family business and there is a passion that has characterized us for a long time: eyewear. Since 1996 we have been running an eyewear shop at Rosental in Styria. We are two brothers - Martin, the optometrist and eyewear designer, and Andreas, a former professional athlete who is driven by his preference for fashion and design.

Due to the daily contact with clients and the constant handling of glasses, we realized that there was no product on the market that cleaned and maintained glasses to our satisfaction. EYESHAKER is the solution! A product that should not be missed in any household nor working place. Finally, it is possible to clean our beloved glasses as we want to.

From now on, the frame and the lenses are free of dirt and persistently groomed. So good bye to scruffy nose pads, blurred and scratched lenses, sticky frames and silicon components doomed to dissolve - there is no excuse anymore! Cchekc out EYESHAKER and share your experiences with us by email! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.