How do you clean glasses properly?

Imagine you are sitting in a cozy room, engrossed in an exciting film. Suddenly you notice that the scenes on screen are not as clear as they should be. You rub your eyes, thinking maybe you're tired. But when you take off your glasses and take a look, you notice that the lenses are covered in dust and fingerprints. It's amazing how often we forget that our glasses - the window through which we see the world - also need cleaning.


When we think of cleaning glasses, most of us immediately think of cleaning the lenses. But what about the frame and the other parts of the glasses? They can get just as dirty and need thorough cleaning as well. A truly effective lens cleaning goes beyond just cleaning the lenses and includes a holistic cleaning of the entire lens.


There are different types of glasses cleaning, depending on where you are and how much time you have:


  1. The quick to-go cleaning: For quick cleaning in between or on the go, there are cleaning kits or glasses cleaning sprays and cloths. They are compact and easy to carry, so you can always have them with you. To clean your glasses with a lens cleaning spray, follow these simple steps:

 - Spray the cleaning spray on both sides of the lenses

 - Use a soft and absorbent microfiber cloth to spread the spray over the entire surface of the lenses.

 - Wipe the glasses dry and clean with the microfiber cloth


    1. Holistic, sustainable cleaning: For a more thorough cleaning at home, there are special cleaning tools. They not only clean the lenses, but also the frames and temples of your glasses. Why is that important? Because dirt and bacteria can accumulate not only on the lenses, but also on the frame and temples. Thorough cleaning of the entire lens can help extend the life of your lenses and improve their performance. An example of such a tool is the Eyeshaker. The application is very simple: you fill the eyeshaker halfway with water, add a cleaning tab, shake the glasses in the closed eyeshaker for about 15 seconds, take the glasses out and rinse them briefly under clear water. Finally, dry and polish the glasses with a clean cloth.


    Proper cleaning of glasses means cleaning not only the lenses, but the entire glasses. With the right tools and techniques, you can ensure your glasses are always clean and clear. Clean glasses can not only improve your vision, but also protect your eye health and extend the life of your glasses. And if you want to learn more about how best to care for and clean your glasses, check out our other blog posts.


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