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Then let us answer frequently asked questions for you.

  • Which glasses can I clean with the EYESHAKER?

    All optical glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses, protective glasses that fit easily and without squeezing into the round opening.

  • Which glasses should not be cleaned with the EYESHAKER?

    You should NOT use the Eyeshaker to clean glasses made of wood and paper or rimless glasses without a protector.

  • Can I clean rimless glasses with the EYESHAKER?

    Yes! We have made provisions and developed The Protector for this. It protects children's and rimless glasses by fixing them in the shaker and ensuring that they can be shaken without problems or risk. Can be used up to a glasses size of 143 mm (when closed).

  • Will the liquid attack my frame or lenses?

    No - the Eyeshaker system even extends the life of your beloved glasses. Sweat and other environmental influences don't stand a chance! The only way to clean your glasses that gently.

  • Why should I use the EYESHAKER instead of an ordinary cleaning cloth?

    Compared to a cleaning cloth, the Eyeshaker cleans the complete glasses, that means lenses and frames. This removes any residue that could cause your glasses to age prematurely. The frame color, hinges, web plates, etc. remain attractive and functional for longer and the glasses will of course thank you for it in any case.

  • How often should I clean my glasses with the EYESHAKER?

    As often as you want or as often as possible. There is no such thing as an overdose of EYESHAKER.

  • Can I wash the included microfiber glove?

    You can wash the microfiber glove in the washing machine at 30 degrees - without fabric softener. Please let it dry naturally and do not put in the tumble dryer!

  • Should I use hot or cold water?

    Warm water would be ideal. Under no circumstances hot or ice cold water should be used.

  • Will shaking affect my glasses?

    No, thanks to the special mounting system with the built-in silicone part, the glasses are firmly fixed in the eyeshaker and come out completely and clean. For children's and rimless glasses, we refer to our EYESHAKER Protector, which fixes small glasses in the shaker. These can be used up to a glasses size of 143 mm (when closed). The cleaning solution does not attack the coating of your glasses or the frame and still cleans the glasses without streaks. You should NOT use the eyeshaker to clean glasses made of wood and paper.

  • How long can I use a Cleaning Tab?

    With a cleaning tab you can shake your glasses up to 10 days.

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