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Shaken, not smeared!

EYESHAKER offers the optimal basic cleaning. The entire spectacle is free of sweat, skin debris, dust, cosmetics and more! Even on holiday and leisure time it is the perfect solution to remove suntan cream/sand residues and to increase the glasses lifetime.

Eyeshaker Skizze
Eyeshaker infografik mix it

Half fill the EYESHAKER with water and add 1 sachet (5 ml) EYESHAKER special cleaner.

Eyeshaker infografik shake it

Shake the spectacles for about 15 seconds in the closed EYESHAKER. The elastic inset ensures that the spectacles are held securely in place.

Eyeshaker infografik wash it

Rinse the cleaned spectacles with clear water.

Eyeshaker infografik dry it

Dry the spectacles with the EYESHAKER microfiber cloth. Dark side to dry, light side to polish.