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testet by zeiss eyeshaker
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Frequently Asked Questions

What glasses can I clean with the eyeshaker?

All optical glasses, sunglasses, sports goggles, goggles that fit easily into the round opening without squeezing.

Which glasses should I not clean with the eyeshaker?

Eyeglasses made of wood and paper as well as rimless spectacles should NOT be cleaned with the eyeshaker.

How often do I have to change the fluid?

We recommend 1 x per week. It depends on how dirty your glasses are. If you use the eyeshaker the whole family, you are much at the beach or sea or you carry your glasses with the sport, then you have to change the liquid more often.

How long do I get with the liquid supplied?

A 50ml cleaning solution secures you approximately 35 eyeshaker fillings (with 2 splashes) – that is, if you change the liquid every week, you get out with a bottle of 35 weeks – not bad or?

Does the liquid attack my frame or glasses?

No – the eyeshaker system even extends the life of your beloved eyewear. Sweat and other environmental influences have no chance! You can not clean your glasses like that.

Why should I use the eyeshaker instead of an ordinary cleaning cloth?

The eyeshaker cleans all your glasses compared to the cleaning cloth. Glasses and frame. This will remove any residue that causes your glasses to age early. The frame color, hinges, web plates, etc. remain longer handsome and functional and the glasses thank you in any case.

How often should I clean my glasses with the eyeshaker?

As often as you want or as often as possible. An overdose eyeshaker does not exist.

Can I wash the supplied microfiber cloth?

But of course, please without fabric softener.

Should I use hot or cold water?

Lukewarm water would be ideal. Under no circumstances should hot or ice-cold water be used.

Is being shaken by shaking my glasses?

No, thanks to the special mounting system, the glasses are fixed in the eyeshaker and come out completely and clean again.

What is special about the cleaning solution?

The cleaning solution does not attack the coating of your glasses and the frame and cleans the glasses nevertheless without streaks.